It’s been a while. Sorry about the wait, folks.

A lot of this is kinda State of the Ian, to start with! Uh I never claimed to be completely lacking in ego. I handed in the corrected, final version of my PhD thesis late last year. What with the global pandemic and all, it took a while for various external examiners and exam boards to do their thing, but as of June 2020, I officially have a doctorate in games! Which is pretty cool.

But it did take ten years, near enough. What with that and, for most of the decade, a full-time lecturing job, I struggled to keep on top of SKG work. Many, many thanks to Chris, for sticking around through all of that, and to the other SKG folks who’ve now moved on to bigger and better things: Jon, Gar, and Kieran. I’m sorry to you all, and to Dave and company at Fabled Lands LLC, and to all the Dragon Warriors fans, for not doing much more than keeping the game and the company in a holding pattern, for so long.

I think it’s about time that Serpent King Games awoke from hibernation, though. My day job is still frequently… a lot of work. But I love Dragon Warriors, and Legend, and you lot, to bits, and I’m determined to make a lot more time for more SKG releases in the coming years.

Fortunately we are doing OK financially — largely through not taking a salary! Our monthly payment from DriveThruRPG rarely has much left after paying royalties to Fabled Lands, and paying the accountant. But the big Bundles of Holding sales every few years do bring us a good surplus. The first one was used primarily to secure the remaining print stocks of Dragon Warriors from the Magnum Opus days. The second one should let us launch a new supplement or two.

I’ve spent the past month or so going down our fairly scant submissions pile and figuring out what needs doing next for each one. Look out for some more announcements over the next few days.

It’s been fantastic to see some real love for Dragon Warriors from the community while SKG has been kinda quiet. Big thanks to Dave Morris, as ever, for making this awesome game and world, letting the rest of us play in it, and sharing his thoughts and adventure materials over the years. More recently, many thanks to Simon Barns and his team at Casket of Fays — if you’ve not checked out this well-made Dragon Warriors fanzine, grab the first issue free.