Just a quickie, as we’re all ridiculously busy. Not, I have to admit, with Dragon Warriors, for once. We’re doing our best to get the Player’s Book finished, but right now it’s taking a back seat to all three of us finishing up various pieces of freelance work.  My portion of said freelance work should be done in the next day or two, I hope, which frees up the rest of this month to concentrate on the PB. Ideally I want it ready for playtesting in April, which gives us a couple of months to tweak it, organize the art, and get it laid out.

It’s looking great so far, and is largely brought to you by the same lean, mean, keen team of long-time DW fans and freelancers who wrote Magnum Opus’s new DW material, that is, the guys behind Friends and Foes and Fury of the Deep. I hope to get a preview page up next month.