Art Submission Guidelines

Here at Serpent King Games we’re nothing if not a contradiction. On one hand we’re not really actively looking for new artists to work on Dragon Warriors.  On the other hand we love looking at new art and new artists, and connections come from the most unexpected angles.

So please if you are interested in working on Dragon Warriors drop us a submission.

Here are some simple guidelines:

No attachments please.  Please send us a link to your web folio, with a covering email with some details about yourself and your experience as an illustrator. If you don’t have one consider joining one of the many free art sites out there which will allow you to get one.

Send us what we use:

  • We are only looking for greyscale or black and white artwork.
  • We are looking for artwork of a similar quality to that already in the Dragon Warriors books.
  • We mostly need, and need to see that you can do, scenic pieces which show either a place in suitably atmospheric detail, or a group of characters or monsters in such a place.
  • We need to see that you can draw or paint the kinds of things that appear in our books. So whilst we love The Adventures of Rainbow Unicorn as much as the next group of very manly roleplaying games publishers, that won’t fly as a submission to us for work on Dragon Warriors.
  • Have some knowledge of the world of Dragon Warriors, Legend. You don’t need to be an expert, but it certainly helps.

Following these simple guidelines lets us know you can read and follow instructions. Two of the primary skills we might be looking for.  Please send your art submission to Good luck!

Writing Submission Guidelines

We’ve inherited a strong stable of freelance talent for Dragon Warriors, so we’re not actively looking for new DW writers yet. Keep checking the blog for updates, though, as that may change as our release schedule develops.