Serpent King Games is industry veterans Gareth Hanrahan, Jon Hodgson, and Ian Sturrock.

Gareth Hanrahan

Gareth is a freelance writer and game designer; he’s been writing full-time for roleplaying games ever since he escaped from his previous life as a computer programmer. Most of his work has been for Mongoose Publishing; he was a staff writer there for seven years, writing millions of words for d20. Babylon 5, Conan and other lines. He was the designer of the newest edition of the venerable Traveller roleplaying game, as well as the 25th anniversary edition of Paranoia.

Outside of Mongoose, he’s written for Hogshead Publishing, Green Ronin, Paizo, Pelgrane Press, AEG, FFG, WW, WotC and many other corporate acronyms. He’s a fixture of the Irish gaming scene, whatever that means.

His personal tastes in gaming tend towards things flavoured with Cthulhu, intricate adventures, and collaborative campaign design.

In addition to his work for Serpent King and freelance clients, his own gaming imprint is at

Jon Hodgson

Jon has been a full time freelance artist for the last ten years or so, and part time before that longer than he cares to think about.  Working primarily in gaming of one sort or another, Jon has also done film and TV work, advertising and novel covers.

His credits within the world of pen and paper games include Dungeons and Dragons 3e and 4e, Pathfinder, WFRP 1e and 2e, Das Schwarze Auge, AFMBE, Buffy, Warhammer Historical, World of Warcraft CCG, Legend of the Five Rings CCG, and many more.

Jon’s work on the Magnum Opus Press edition of Dragon Warriors led to him being described by Dave Morris as “The Dragon Warriors artist” and to him being offered the chance to make artwork for a forthcoming Lord of the Rings roleplaying game, and from there to an art direction position with the publishers Cubicle 7.

You can see samples of Jon’s work at

Ian Sturrock

Ian has been playing tabletop roleplaying games for nearly thirty years, and designing them professionally for ten. He designed the award-winning Conan and Slaine RPGs for Mongoose Publishing, as well as working on lines such as Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, The Esoterrorists, and of course Dragon Warriors. He also teaches game design, lecturing on Glyndwr University’s Computer Game Development course and writing lectures for the University of Central Lancashire’s Games Design MA course.

Dragon Warriors has been his favourite fantasy RPG since 1985, though occasionally Amber Diceless comes close. In true polygeek manner, he’s also almost unbearably enthusiastic about boardgames, miniature wargames, and live roleplaying games.

Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors is a classic fantasy roleplaying game with a fan-base around the world. It is based on a game system that’s fast to learn, intuitive to play, and satisfying and atmospheric in its results, whether you’re a long-time gamer or a first-time player. The jewel of Dragon Warriors and the reason for its longevity is Legend, a game-background based on the cultures of the medieval world. It is rich in myth, folklore, magic and superstition, built on a thousand-year history and populated with memorable characters, fearsome foes, treasure and glory. The game has a flavour unlike any other, combining the sense of history with the intensity of the greatest fantasy sagas.

Dragon Warriors is SKG’s first project, but more great games are in the works. Check out for regular updates.

All rights in Dragon Warriors are the property of Fabled Lands LLP, and are used with permission by Serpent King Games Ltd.

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