It’s been a while since the last general update. Sorry about that. We’ve all been busy, as per usual. I personally am unable to devote much time to SKG right now due to a combination of day-job workload, and final months of PhD write-up. I’m hoping I should be on the home stretch of my PhD by the end of summer, and able to get back to it, but at the moment I barely have time to do the essentials like the accounts.

Fortunately, Chris and Kieran have been hard at work trying to finish off some older projects that have been languishing in development hell for a while. Here’s where we are with those:

The Reeve’s Tale. This is written, and laid out, and ready to go, except we’re waiting on one last map. Hopefully this should be available on DTRPG over the next few weeks, though.

Cold Fury. As many of you know, we struggled for a long while to secure the rights to all the material from the Magnum Opus Press edition of In From The Cold. We came to the conclusion that we just weren’t going to get a chance to reprint The Key of Tirandor. That would have left the book a bit short, especially because we didn’t want to make you buy the Daemonology rules twice (they are now in the Players Book, after all). So, for the first time in hardcopy form, we’ve added in Fury of the Deep, the much-loved scenario by Jon Reed and Damian May. This seemed to need a new title… so, In From the Cold + Fury of the Deep = COLD FURY. Cold Fury, too, is close to being finished — the layout will change a little, and we’ve written a new intro, but this is largely a reprint of both text and art, so it should be pretty quick. Expect it soon after The Reeve’s Tale.

The Summoner’s Tale. This is the next short adventure. Still needs some tweaking, and art. We’ll get there though.

That’s all for the moment (we have other stuff on the back burner, but aren’t ready to raise hopes yet!), but, rest assured, we’ve not all vanished, and we’re still committed to bringing you new(ish) stuff for Dragon Warriors, as fast as we can.