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Friends or Foes Available in POD Format

Just a quick update to say that Friends or Foes is now available in POD format:

You can expect more of our catalogue to appear in POD over the next few weeks.

The Summoner’s Tale and The Reeve’s Tale are still in editing with a third book in the planning stages.

Dragon Warriors Players Guide – Now Available

At long last the Dragon Warriors Players Guide is now officially available from DriveThruRPG in pdf and print-on-demand.

 So, what can you expect to find in this long-awaited tome? A host of information and new rules for Dragon Warriors including: 

  • New professions – the Knave, Priest, and Hunter are ready to take centre stage.
  • New organizations – fight them or join them, it’s up to you.
  • New spells for your favourite spellcasting professions!
  • Essays on life and magic in Legend
  • New weapons, new armour, new combat options.
  • A simple skill system in line with the existing language rules.
  • Full rules for the demonologist profession now available and updated to include demonologist-specific spells for levels 1-4!

 We’ve reprinted the Demonologist from In From the Cold since a lot of people have contacted us looking for the rules since that book went out of print. 

Next up is another short adventure “The Summoner’s Tale”, followed by another project we’ll announce when it’s a little further along. Watch this space!


The Knight’s Tale Now Available!

Our latest short adventure, The Knight’s Tale, is now available here: Set in Algandy, this adventure gives a hint of what life is like in that dark land and focuses on one of the grand events of the Legend calendar. Weighing in at nearly four times the length of the Miller’s Tale, this adventure is a sandbox scenario with heaps of NPCs and a healthy dose of chaos.


In other news the Player’s Guide is in it’s final stages and is on track for a late summer release.

Players Guide at Next Step

Another mini update from the snake pit. The art for the Players Guide is now complete! Layout work begins in the next day or two. I’m not 100% sure on how long this will take but a few weeks at least so expect a summer release for the Player’s Guide! The blogs for the artists who contributed to the PG can be found here in case anyone feels nosy:
In other news the Knight’s Tale is still in layout and we’re thinking about another big project 🙂


We’ve been a little quiet here at SKG for the last while so we thought we’d let you know how things are going. Firstly the fabled players guide: work is underway on the art for this. We have a cadre of – in my opinion – brilliant artists who really capture the “old school” feel of Dragon Warriors. The PG art will really harken back to those first six novel-sized books. You can find a couple of art teasers below by the amazing Jay Penn and Gordon Mackay.


Once the art is done we go to layout and final reviews. Fingers crossed we should have a product to show you shortly thereafter.




We’ve got a new scenario for you too: The Knight’s Tale, a story of intrigue and sorcery set in the land of Algandy. In this adventure you’ll get to hob-nob (great, now I want biscuits) with the nobility at the largest tourney in the Lands of Legend while immersing yourself in the dark underworld of Algandy’s politics.


Our next two planned adventures are The Summoner’s Tale and the Reeve’s Tale. More about those later…

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