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The Knight’s Tale Now Available!

Our latest short adventure, The Knight’s Tale, is now available here: Set in Algandy, this adventure gives a hint of what life is like in that dark land and focuses on one of the grand events of the Legend calendar. Weighing in at nearly four times the length of the Miller’s Tale, this adventure is a sandbox scenario with heaps of NPCs and a healthy dose of chaos.


In other news the Player’s Guide is in it’s final stages and is on track for a late summer release.

The clock ticks…

It’s a little before midnight, here at Serpent King Games HQ. Not that there is a Serpent King Games HQ; it’s the 21st century, and we’re distributed, not like groceries, like algorithms running in parallel on several computers. So, at Gar’s home in Ireland, and Jon’s in Scotland, and mine in Wales, the three of us have glasses raised, ready to toast ourselves at midnight. For once this isn’t some kind of witches’ sabbat (though there *are* three of us — hmm); no, we officially take over the Dragon Warriors licence at midnight! Today, whisky, tomorrow, the world! Or the Lands of Legend, at least.

Confessions of a Third Man

I never played Dragon Warriors as a kid.

I missed the whole phenomenon. My gaming history starts with a game of Middle Earth Role Playing in 1989, and zigzags through D&D and Call of Cthulhu from then on. I never even heard of Dragon Warriors until James Wallis brought it back through Magnum Opus.

I’m not quite sure how I managed to miss it. I was their target audience, pretty much – I played gamebooks, avidly watched Knightmare(1), I was a fan of dark fantasy(2) – but it never crossed my path. The new edition made me feel like an intruder from a parallel reality, especially as half my gamer friends were old-school DW fans. I had the same conversation over and over:

Me: Hey, ever hear of this Dragon Warriors rpg?

Them: Knights! Warlocks! Assassins! Elven Crystals(3)! Look! I have all the original books! Gaze upon the precious!

Me: That’s a ‘yes’, then.

And now, despite being a latecomer to Legend, I’m part of Serpent King Games. I hope to provide an outsider’s perspective on the game, making sure  the game’s accessible to everyone, not just the existing faithful. It also means that I’ll be playing devil’s advocate in system discussions. It’s not the first time I’ve fallen into this role – I developed Traveller for Mongoose Publishing along similar lines. The aim is not to just keep Dragon Warriors in print and rehash the supplements from the 1980s – it’s to move forward with Legend and create new adventures!

1: Buried somewhere in the attic are two of the Dave Morris books based on the series.

2: Buried somewhere in the hard drive is an old attempt to write a D&D setting that looks remarkably like Legend.

3: True story: Friends of mine were playing this campaign, and were surprised when it ended so quickly. They thought it was called the Eleven Crystals.

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